Project of the week: Left-handed guitar

All this quest for a perfect keyboard layout made me realize that I have lost a lot of mobility in my left hand.

I had a series of pretty bad accidents when I was a kid that damaged my left hand, and I believe that coupled with old age, my left hand is getting weaker and weaker. Here's the list of mishaps:

-Left hand stuck in the emergency brake of my mother's car.
-Middle finger stuck in security door.
-Torus fracture of the cubital bone (x2)
-Wrist fracture (x1)
-RSI, stayed stuck for 3 weeks, never fully recovered (damned ants in my left hand)!

So, I picked-up my guitar to relieve stress after a particularly nasty time spent with ceylon and Irony (If I get my hand on the smartass who decided to add the \i and \I prefixes to identifiers....) I realized my ring and middle fingers were just inert.

So here's a fun experiment, I will restring my sg upside-down tonight, and have a go at it. I'll try to use GnR's Nightrain solo as my benchmark (I am never playing Are You Gonna Go My Way ever again...) and report when things improve!

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  1. Restringing for lefties 101:


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