Fight ADHD and get instant gratification on a succesful build with Growl for Windows

In the words of Wil Wheaton, "I have the attention span of a gerbil" - sometimes I forget I have just built a project and build it again, and again... and again... then actually hit debug. Let's fix this pathetic behaviour with... technology!

Step 1: Install Growl For Windows
Growl is a system notifier that originally came to life as a Mac OSX application. The kind souls at Growl for Windows have ported it over in .Net, so grab it and install it pronto.

Step 2: Install the VS2010 build notifier plugin
Growl uses various plugins for non growl-aware applications. The Growl Visual Studio Add-In needs to be installed after Growl ran for the fist time.

Step 5: Configure notifications
Open Growl, select your favourite display (or install extras, my favourite is Risor), then configure the VS addin so it doesn't notify on every project build, but only on solution build + project failures, such as:

Now run a build and enjoy the sweet, sweet notification of success!

Fall-Through switch statements in C#

Everybody's been told C# switch statements don't support fall-through, this is a fallacy.

var foo=true;
switch (foo)
    case true:
        Console.Out.WriteLine("Bools have 3 values: True");
        goto case false;
    case false:
        goto default;

I feel dirty.