ScribeFire howto: Tags and Labels

Here's a quick howto for Tags and Labels use in ScribeFire:

Blogger tags

  1. click on the Categories tab in the scribefire sidebar

  2. click the add category button on the lower right hand
  3. type in your tags as a coma-separated list

    i.e. scribefire,blogger,tags,howto

    Screenshot: adding blogger tags using ScribeFire

  4. You can add/remove tags by deselecting them in the sidebar

    Screenshot: deselecting blogger tags using ScribeFire

Technocrati tags

  1. Click the Publishing options button next to the post title
  2. Type in the coma-separated tag list in the Technocrati tags textbox
  3. Press the Add Tags to post button

  4. Lo and behold, the editor window now contains a link to the technocrati tags

    Screenshot: inserting technocrati tags

Hope this helps!

Technorati Tags: , , , ,


ScribeFire seems like a nice Firefox extension, let's see if it works with's latest API...

There's a nasty bug though: html entities are encoded twice...

Example: Two consecutive non breaking spaces

hello  world

Ouch :/

Copy as HTML addin

Hardest part of creating a technical blog? Syntax Highlighting!

Back in the days, Jason Haley created an installer for a vs 2005 copy as html addin.

Since bookmarks are SO XXth century, let's blog this installer.

Go grab it there.

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33 return __dataPagesQueue.Dequeue();

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36 {

37 return null;

38 }

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